Ferndale Adventures

I can feel summer is coming to and end, soon fall will be here, and we all know what comes after. I decided to take some time, dust the cobwebs off my bike, and go out exploring my own neighborhood, trying to take advantage of the fading light, and the weather. It is funny how one lives in a neighborhood for a long time, and never really notices the beauty. At least I know I have this problem. I just chased the light back and forth, up side streets, down by train tracks, and I feel I came out with some decent images. At least I got some exercise!

Traverse City, Michigan

There is nothing better than Northern Michigan in the late summer / early fall. The leaves begin to change, the air gets a little cooler, and most of the other people visiting have gone. My wife and I celebrated our one year anniversary in Traverse City, Michigan. The weather was absolutely amazing all weekend.

What started off as a little bumpy trip turned into a spectacular weekend. The original hotel that we had booked was packed to the gills, and we received a faulty room, no air conditioning and there was that smell of old smoke. We quickly grabbed our phones and found a new hotel to reside in. We booked Hotel Indigo, and what a fabulous hotel it was. The view from our room was overlooking Lake Michigan. There was even a rooftop bar, which we spent time looking out over the water.

It truly was a fabulous weekend, and the best year of my life!